Hello world!

Hi there. My name is Carlos. Pleased ta meetcha. This is my movie blog. I have been a movie critic for print weeklies and online groups since the mid-Eighties. I have also been a rock critic as well. I love to write, and I love to watch movies, so this is a natural. I am going to write about a single movie each day, generally a review but not always. Some of the movies will be current releases, others will be off of DVDs. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to respond, or help you choose what movie to see. I hope so – this is supposed to be fun!

This is an outgrowth of the Friday Night Movie Bunch, a loose-knit group of people in the Orlando area who went to the movies every week. Although that group is now down to my wife and I (and we generally go on Saturday afternoons anyway), the spirit is still the same. Usually I’ll tell you which movie is going to be up the next day.

Every Wednesday I’ll be publishing a list of movies that are coming out that week ending on Friday. These are movies opening in the Orlando area only, specifically in the area near my home in Apopka but including nearby theaters in Winter Park and Maitland. I’ll give a little bit of information about the general plot and sometimes a little commentary as well. I’ll also provide links to the film’s website and to the film’s trailer, generally from their IMDB video page. I’ll also provide the MPAA rating for American readers.

My wife Doreen – who I usually refer to as Da Queen – and I generally see our major releases at the AMC Altamonte Mall 18 in Altamonte Springs, Florida although we also see movies at the the Regal Winter Park Village and the Enzian Theatre in Maitland as well. Some of the DVD reviews are of movies I’ve already reviewed for our Friday Night Movie Bunch newsletter, with DVD information added in.

In addition, there will also be seasonal preview features, such as a Fall/Winter/Holiday and Summer Movie Guide, as well as other features as may tickle my fancy from time to time. Longtime FNMB readers will note that the Top Five feature is not included in this blog, although I may revive it again someday. If I do, you can find more information about it here.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing this – coz I’m probably not going to stop. Seriously. Those threats just aren’t going to work.

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