The Holly and the Quill

The big day is magically close now. Shoppers are attacking the malls with renewed frenzy as people are making their plans for Christmas come to fruition. Some are preparing to travel to be with loved ones; others will be battening down the hatches in a particularly cold and snowy holiday in the Northeast.

One thing many of us will be doing is watching Christmas-themed movies, and starting today all the way through Christmas day on Friday, Cinema365 will be posting strictly Christmas-themed reviews. These aren’t my top five movies by any stretch of the imgination, although at least one of them would make that list for certain. Some of these are Christmas movies I’ve seen recently and were going to review anyway. At least one was a suggestion by Da Queen, my lovely wife for whom Christmas movies are a big deal.

Also, as a Christmas gift from me to you, I will also be posting a piece of original Christmas fiction along with my regular review on Friday. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Finally, there is just this; a Merry Christmas to all my readers, and a Happy Holiday Season to those who don’t celebrate Christmas specifically. May all your days be joyous and the upcoming New Year be filled with peace and prosperity for us all, from my family to yours.

With love,

Carlos deVillalvilla & Da Queen Doreen deVillalvilla

Penelope, Peanut, Shiner and Angel

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