Just Checking In

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about what’s coming up for the blog, so I thought I’d keep you apprised of what’s going on. First, some good news – July marked the first month that the blog topped 2,000 hits. That may not seem like a lot (some of the more popular websites average that per second) but for a site that has done virtually zero promotion, I’m thinking it’s not that bad.

The bad news is that my planned trip to the Toronto Film Festival this year has been postponed. After going to China in May, we decided that staying a week in one of the most expensive cities in Canada during a time when prices are higher than normal would not be prudent. We still hope to go next year. In the meantime, we’ll be taking some time off to visit family in Winnipeg in mid-to-late September just when I’m about done with the summer Orlando heat.

The Fall Movie Preview will be published on Thursday, August 26th so keep an eye out for that. The Six Days of Darkness, in which we’ll turn over this space to reviewing horror movies and penning short stories inspired by each of the six movies reviewed in the feature, will return on Tuesday, October 26th. The 2011 Preview will be arriving on Monday, December 20th as a kind of early Christmas present, followed the next day by the beginning of The Holly and the Quill, our annual Christmas feature, in which a different Christmas-themed movie will be reviewed each day up to and including Christmas Day, on which we will also publish a Christmas story. If you have any review suggestions for The Six Days of Darkness or The Holly and the Quill, drop me a line.

In an earlier message, I talked about some new features including Top Fives and feature pieces on the movies. While I haven’t had the time to put together a decent movie feature just yet, my first Top Five will be arriving on Friday, August 13th and will be appearing on the second and fourth Friday of every month thereafter. If the demand for it is there, I might consider making it a weekly feature.

So that’s the State of the Blog for the moment. We have topped 100 comments, many of which are my own responses to yours; feel free to speak up and don’t be afraid to ask for something if you haven’t seen it there. Suggestions and criticisms are taken in the spirit they are given in.

So thanks again for reading and hope you continue to do so. Heck, tell your friends about the blog, particularly if they love movies. For those who like my writing style and want to see more of it, may I recommend my other blog, Thank Blog It’s Friday. The link is in the column to the right; each Friday I publish an essay on whatever subject has my attention at the moment. I’m also currently publishing a guide to the Pavilions at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, with a different pavilion spotlighted each day, so check it out if the subject has any interest for you whatsoever.


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