Programming Note

Starting this Wednesday and running through Sunday, the Orlando Film Festival will be underway at the Plaza Theater in downtown Orlando. Da Queen and I have purchased VIP passes for the event, so we are likely to see several movies that will be on display, as well as attending several of the other events.

Unlike the larger Florida Film Festival, most of the entries here are without any real national distribution and are relying on festivals like OFF to get seen. In the five year history of the Orlando Film Festival, several of the movies that have been shown have gone on to receive distribution and limited release, as well as eventual cable television showings as well. It’s a good opportunity to see filmmakers at very early stages of their careers, and who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing someone who will someday join the ranks of Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg and Eastwood as great Hollywood directors. You never know.

One of the exciting features of this festival is that all the screenings are free to the public; you merely have to sign up at their website. There are also additional events, including live stand-up comedy and music. Edwin McCain will be one of the acts playing; those events require tickets and there is a charge for them. 

In any case, I will be taking a different reviewing tactic for these films. Because they are all such unknown quantities, I will only be providing full reviews for those that in my judgment are worth seeking out, since many of these films may not even receive a home video release. As for the others, I may do a capsule review of several of them down the line if things work out. In any case, this will be our first time at OFF and we look forward to attending. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some movies that are worth standing on the rooftops and shouting the praises of.


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