2011 Florida Film Festival Day 6

Day 5 of the Festival turned out to be a no-show on our part as Da Queen and I had to attend to personal business that kept us away from the Festival. So it was back to the Festival for Day 6 where we shifted out focus to the Enzian, where we caught Dog Sweat, a look at modern Iran and the day to day lives of Iranians in Teheran, as well as The Happy Poet, a kind of sardonic low-key comedy about a young man who tries to operate a healthy food cart in Austin. Both were terrific movies well worth the time to check them out. We also stayed and enjoyed the Animated Shorts program, which included some new work from Bill Plympton and Lev Yilmaz, as well as an astonishing short called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore which may sound a bit like a psychedelic album title but is to my mind a legitimate Oscar contender.

Tomorrow is a bit up in the air in a lot of ways; we may attend the filmmaker’s party but we may also attend The People vs. George Lucas instead. We also have a yen to attend Without at the Regal at 9pm. We’re headed into the home stretch of the festival and there are plenty of fine movies still that we have yet to see; if you haven’t dropped by yet, don’t miss out – just because you don’t see the ads of these movies on TV or hear about them on “Entertainment Tonight” doesn’t mean you won’t find them to be absolutely riveting. Go outside of your comfort zone – you might find your point of view changing before your very eyes!


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