Gone Fishin’

You may have noticed an excess of preview material today. Our weekly, monthly and Fall/Holiday previews are all up and I hope you find them useful.

What you won’t find is a review today. That’s because in about an hour and a half I’m leaving for the airport, getting on a plane and flying to Paris. I’m celebrating my sister’s 50th birthday in the City of Light and Woody Allen notwithstanding, I’m going to leave my laptop at home and just enjoy myself for a week. So Cinema365 will be temporarily closed in terms of new posts for a week, but we’ll be back with a new review of the historical drama The Last Station on September 8th.

As the year winds down, we’ll be continuing to bring you some special features that have become traditional here at Cinema365, including our annual Six Days of Darkness celebration of all things horror in October, our Christmas movie homage The Holly and the Quill in December and the last week of the year, our preview of the movies coming out in 2012. In January we’ll be posting our top ten movies of the year and of course, there will be our regular daily reviews of many of the movies you’ll find in the previews we posted today, as well as reviews of selected DVDs of independent films as well as major releases from years gone by. So tell a friend, bookmark this site and keep your eyes peeled for our return on September 8th. Until then, au revoir and prendre soin.


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