Six Days of Darkness

The third annual Halloween event, Six Days of Darkness, commences tomorrow here on Cinema365 and we’re proud to present our annual tribute to scary movies to you. Each day we’ll be presenting a review of a horror movie or thriller for you. So what, you might sneer, every movie blogsite in creation does scary movies this time of year. Ahhh but we also add the bonus of horror fiction inspired by the movie we’re reviewing. It’s no trick and whether or not it’s a treat is totally up to your taste in fiction.

Halloween is the kick-off to the American holiday season, with Thanksgiving following a month later and Christmas a month after that. It signals the beginning of the end of the calendar year. It is a day that we can cast off our own selves for a little while and be what we are not, or what we long to be. We can be sexy little schoolgirls, or hulking barbarians, or seductive vampires or disgusting zombies. All it takes is a little imagination.

So do have fun in whatever way you choose, whether it be handing out candy to children ringing your doorbell, sitting back for a marathon of George A. Romero classics or getting your freak on at a costume party. We hope you spend part of your Halloween season right here with us. Thanks again and Happy Halloween!


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