The Holly and the Quill 2011

Once again, the holidays are in full swing and as the shopping days dwindle until the big day, here at Cinema365 we unfurl our own modest Christmas tradition; the Holly and the Quill. For the next four days until Christmas we will be reviewing only Christmas movies, culminating with a holiday classic on Christmas Day as well as a piece of short fiction with a Christmas theme as an extra special present to you, our readers. You can read the stories from previous years here and here.

This time of year has  a tendency to inspire reflection on the year that has been. It has been difficult for many as our economy has continued to limp along, and the movie industry has had its share of pain as the box office has been off once again this year as the competition of home streaming, video on demand and other non-traditional formats that allow people to see movies without leaving the comforts of their home. Television screens have become larger and clearer, while sound systems more theater-like. Like it or not, the theater experience is rapidly coming into the homes and the exhibitors respond with upcharges for 3D and IMAX. Not a good idea when people are counting pennies.

Still, there is a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which include some pretty awesome films which we’ll be counting down as our Top 10 which we’ll be posting early next month. Also our annual preview of next year’s cinematic offerings, on this occasion for 2012, will be up later next week so there’s a lot to look forward to as well.

Not all of our readers celebrate Christmas but for those who do, a very merry Christmas from the Cinema365 family to yours. For those who don’t, a peaceful end of the year to you and a happy and prosperous 2012 to us all.

Carlos deVillalvilla and Da Queen Doreen deVillalvilla
Penelope, Peanut and Angel


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