Six Days of Darkness 2012

Yes my friends, it is that time of year again, where pumpkins sprout grinning faces, where little trick or treaters walk around the neighborhood demand candy and adults can indulge their inner sexpot or inner child. Yes, it’s Halloween and we tend to associate that with scares and spooks and movies that celebrate those things.

As you may know from years past I have a soft spot in my heart for such things and each Halloween season for six days leading up to October 31 itself we at Cinema365 publish not only a review of a different horror movie each day but also a short story inspired by the movie reviewed that day.

Usually we try to keep the movies that are being reviewed a surprise but we decided to buck tradition and tell you in advance which ones we’re reviewing. You can find them on the headstones in this year’s banner logo, which will appear on all 6 Days material. There is, however, one exception – a last minute substitution of a film playing down here at the Enzian over the weekend which I thought merited a mention in our 6 Days celebration. That film will replace one of the other six films on the banner – we just won’t tell you which one. That’s this year’s trick.

Hopefully you’ll find the stories and reviews to be treats. The page with the all-time highest number of hits for our site is a 6 Days story – Inner Demons to which you can find a link on the front page at the bottom where the most popular pages are listed. Feel free to check it out along with all of our 6 Days stories.

This is the third year (wow!) that we’ve undertaken this and it is clearly a labor of – if not love, then madness. It literally doubles are workload for a week. But that’s okay – it’s worth it if you love Halloween as much as we do – and we suspect, as much as you do.

As usual around here we’ll be ending the year with a bang. While November is relatively quiet in terms of special features, we have our celebration of Christmas movies, the Holly and the Quill, running from December 21-25 and one of my favorite special features, the Annual Preview which this year of course gives us a look-see into the year in movies for 2013 is currently scheduled for publication on December 31. Our top ten listing for the year in movies 2012 should be out about two weeks after that.

And, of course, the holidays are a time for Hollywood to make one last big rush of some of the most anticipated movies of the year as we head into Awards season. Expect our coverage of major releases to continue as well.  So expect the first installment in this year’s edition of Six Days of Darkness to go up later this afternoon.

As always thanks for reading and Happy Halloween one and all from your spooky cinemaphiles at Cinema365!


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