Cinema of the Heart

Cinema of the HeartIt’s that time of year again when Romance is in the air along and this year, given the Arctic Vortexes (yes plural) it is ideal snuggling in front of a movie weather. For the third straight year, Cinema365 has a few suggestions regarding the snuggle factor for several movies – three on home video, one out in theaters currently. We call it Cinema of the Heart and it is our tribute to romance.

This year we thought we’d do something a little neat. Notice the candy hearts in the picture above. They have the names of some pretty nifty romantic movies on them except for four which are blank. Each day as we review something new, you’ll see the empty candy hearts be filled with the title of the movie we just reviewed. Think of it as a progressive banner. I know, I know…but we advertisement-lacking sites have to do what nifty things we can afford, which isn’t much.

So pull these up on your favorite streaming service or head out to your local DVD rental store – assuming there are any within 100 miles of you which isn’t a safe bet these days. Or in one case, head out to the multiplex with your honey and make sure the seat arm goes up between you so you can do some heavy duty cuddling. Sure you can ply her with flowers and chocolate and sure you can wear his favorite lingerie but in the end, what is truly more romantic than love on the big screen – or on your home video screen?


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