Our Film Library

Our Film LibraryTomorrow marks the beginning of a new mini-festival here on Cinema365. Entitled Our Film Library, the films reviewed on all four days of our mini-fest will come from literary sources. There will be one based on a literary classic; one from a young adult bestseller, one from a non-fiction biography and another from a modern classic. While movies based on books have a reputation of not living up to the original work, they have something to offer that is unique and in many cases inspire people to read the original book. Hopefully you’ll be moved to do the same if my words inspire you to see the movie. In that sense, it will go full circle. Clever, no?

Also later today I’ll be at the press preview for the 2014 Florida Film Festival – yes it’s that time already – and the film line-up will be announced. I’ll be back on either later tonight or early tomorrow to give a brief preview of the festival. We reviewed over 50 of last year’s 170 movies and shorts that were screened; hopefully we’ll do about the same this year. Hopefully, those who are looking to attend this year will find a few movies of their own they’re interested in seeing. One of them for certain, at least for me, will be the opening night film which on the FFF website is listed as The Trip to Italy. More on that later in any case.

So hope you’ll stick around for Our Film Library and the upcoming coverage of the 2014 Florida Film Festival. I don’t know about you but I’m already excited!


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