5You may have noticed a change in the banner for Cinema365. There’s a reason for it – and if you look carefully, it should be fairly self-evident.

Cinema365 opened for business on August 21, 2009 with an introductory post as well as our first review ever, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Thus on August 21, we’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary. That’s a pretty good number I think and it calls for celebration. Sometime before then, we’ll publish post number 2000 which is a pretty good number. That’s a lot of posts but then again, anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t lack for opinions.

We’ve added several new mini-festivals including the recently concluded Our Film Library with more on the way. You may also see some further changes to the way we look in addition to the spiffy new animated banner. For now, we’re just going to go on doing things the way we’ve been doing them but don’t be surprised if you see more stuff going on around here. Five years is a good time to start shaking things up, don’t you agree?

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