Woman Power

Woman PowerStarting tomorrow Cinema365 is presenting a new mini-festival we’re calling Woman Power. Hollywood has always been something of a man’s world, with few women portrayed onscreen as little more than love interests or damsels in distress; fewer still ascended into the director’s chair or into the rarefied air of the board rooms of the studios.

These days women are making inroads into Hollywood and with pioneering ladies like Lina Wertmuller, Penny Marshall and Katherine Bigelow leading the way, women are settling more and more into directing with some amazing talents coming up through the indie ranks who should in no time be helming tentpole features for the majors – some in fact already are. We here at Cinema365 would be overjoyed to see a Wonder Woman feature with a female director like Kelly Reichardt or Nicole Holofcener leading the way. While maybe that day isn’t here yet, it isn’t far off.

So to celebrate, we’re going to present films in this annual mini-festival that are either directed by women or feature strong female protagonists. We’ll be leading off with one of this year’s most admired films at the Florida Film Festival and adding an Oscar-nominated film as well as a true story about a courageous young woman in a hostile environment. All three of the movies in this series are films that not just women but men should enjoy as well. Have a great weekend everybody!


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