Coming Soon

A new feature we’re working on here at Cinema365 is a Coming Soon menu. You’ll see it directly below our logo at the top of our page. There we will post to the best of our ability what’s opening in theaters in wide, limited and regional release as best we can for the United States. This is not going to replace our monthly Four-Warned feature, at least not at present. This is a simple list of what’s playing that we’re gathering from a variety of sites.

The list will be set up in chronological order by release date. Movies scheduled to go into wide release will be in boldface type. Movies that our expanding their release from regional to limited, from regional to wide or from limited to wide will be in regular typeface. Movies that are scheduled to go into limited release will be in italics. Once a movie has been released, all typefaces will be changed from black to red. At least for the time being the plan is to keep all of these pages even after all the movies in that particular month have been released. As movies are reviewed here on Cinema365, links will be provided to the reviews so you can see what I thought. Hopefully that will help keep these pages relevant even after their use as a preview page has expired. Feel free to use it as a bit of a checklist to see how many movies you can see in any given month.

We feel here at Cinema365 that movie buffs like to keep abreast of what’s coming their way and hopefully those of you who are of that mindset will find it useful. January 2015 is posted now; we’ll be adding additional months as the days go on, hopefully a new month every day until we have it as up to date as is humanly possible to make it. Hope you like this new feature and find it helpful in making your movie-viewing decisions.

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