The Holly and the Quill 2014

The Holly and the QuillThis year our Christmas celebration will be a bit more abbreviated than usual. Only two days of Christmas this year for Cinema365 – mainly due to logistics and a busy holiday season. Next year the plan is to go back to three days of Holiday films, but for now we have two movies that might not be on your must-see list but are a bit better than a lot that might be.

Still to come in what is left of 2014 is our annual preview for 2015 (no, we don’t annually preview the year 2015 but we do preview the year to come – literally minded, aren’t we?) followed shortly thereafter with a look back at the best films of 2014. Yeah, I know – who else does that?

2015 looks to be a promising year for the filmgoer and we have a lot of our mini-festivals planned, coverage of the Florida Film Festival, weekly previews, our new Coming Soon section should be in full swing by then and yes, perhaps a few new features may well be on their way. Our fifth year has been a pretty fantastic one and we look forward to our sixth one with eager anticipation. Hope you’ll be along for the ride with us.

In the meantime, a very best of holiday seasons to you and those important to you, whether you celebrate them or not from all of us here at Cinema365.

Carlos, Doreen, Angel, Penelope and Autumn


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