Sayonara, Four-Warned

Some of you may have noticed that our regular monthly preview feature Four-Warned has not yet appeared for April. That’s because, effective immediately, it has been discontinued.

The reasons for it are pretty compelling. First of all, it has become an enormous amount of work and takes up an even more enormous amount of time I can no longer afford to give it. In addition, the Coming Soon section covers a lot of  that territory and while it may not be as detailed as Four-Warned, it will at least give you a heads-up on what’s out there and what’s forthcoming.

This won’t effect the weekly New Releases or the Summer, Fall/Winter and Annual Previews which will continue to appear. However, just because I’m not completely willing to give up the sweet punishment of pulling together Four-Warned, there will be a new feature starting in May which I’m going to probably not call Pix, although that is the working title at the moment. In the new feature, I will be choosing three or four indie movies of merit that you may not have heard of unless you’re a very well-informed film buff, plus one Blockbuster of the Month – a wide studio release that I think is most worthy of your attention if you only see one movie that month.

Hopefully that will be a little easier for you to choose from among a handful of picks rather than having to plow through three dozen mini-previews and of course, if you’re curious about a title in the Coming Soon list, you can always drop me a line at or leave a comment on the Coming Soon page and I’d be glad to answer your questions as best I can or at least direct you someplace where you might find more information.

I did enjoy doing Four-Warned but with more movies being released non-theatrically and more movies coming out overall, it had become a chore that I no longer loved doing. Hopefully this will allow me to continue to provide a means of recommending less well advertised films without losing my sanity in the process.


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