Woman Power 2015

Woman PowerIt’s no secret that I love movies and if you’re reading this, chances are that you love them too. I love all sorts of movies, from sci-fi action blockbusters to indie dramas to romances to comedies to thrillers. One thing that movies have lagged in though is to give us the female point of view. It has been a source of embarrassment for the industry that so few women have made it as directors, writers and executives in the business compared to men.

The times they are a’chaingin’ though and we are starting to see a new generation of talented directors and writers making increasingly more high profile films; it is no accident that both Marvel and DC have women directing films for them on their upcoming slate.

There are also more and better movies that are featuring women as lead subjects, dealing with issues that concern women and put women into traditional male roles. Women are appearing in such a wide variety of roles in fact that it’s getting more and more difficult to identify what we used to call “women’s movies.” In fact, as the first movie in this year’s mini-festival that we call Woman Power attests, there are a lot of movies these days that are movies for everybody that happen to have women in lead roles.

In the second edition of our annual Woman Power series of reviews, we’ll focus on three films that either have women in lead roles, are concerned with women’s issues or are written and/or directed by women. We have what we think are three pretty fine movies you’ll want to see even if you’re not a woman.

You may have noticed that in our DVD reviews we are now providing links to places where you can either stream, purchase or rent the movies that we are reviewing. Hopefully that will be of some use to you if on the spur of the moment one of our reviews entices you to see the subject of that review. We’re all about convenience here at Cinema365.

After Woman Power, our next film review “mini-festival” will be The American Experience, three films about life in America either in present or past. That’s scheduled to take place July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Following that we’ve got Film for Foodies in August, Sci-Fi Spectacle in September and our longest-running mini-festival of all: Six Days of Darkness in October, to be followed by our newest; Documented, a three day mini-festival of documentaries starting in November. Look forward to providing you with all of those.

In the meantime enjoy these three reviews that celebrate movies made for, by and about women. Hopefully you’ll get to check a few of these out on your own as well.

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