Films for Foodies 2015

Films For Foodies

Here it is time for a second helping of our food-oriented mini-festival, Films for Foodies.

Who doesn’t love a great meal? In fact, who doesn’t love eating in general? After all, we need to do it to survive but when you have a great meal, it’s something you remember all your life. So it is with a great movie. Film buffs and foodies have a whole lot in common, it seems.

For the next three days, Cinema365 will be bringing you three delectable morsels about the art of preparing food, the art of eating food and the art of serving food. We hope you enjoy our little trip into one of everyone’s favorite pastimes; eating. However, this will be our last foray into this particular subject for awhile as a mini-festival; next year we’ll be debuting a brand new mini-fest at this time that we’ll be telling you about near the end of the year but foodies don’t fret; we’ll still be bringing you movies about food as they come out and as we see them on home video. I could never give up eating, after all.

So pour yourself a nice glass of wine, make yourself some popcorn – or some high end snacks – sit down and enjoy like the true connoisseur of cuisine and cinema that you are. A fine film is indeed like a fine meal; it is something to be savored as you experience it, and then remembered fondly forever.


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