Sci-Fi Spectacle 2015


Sci-Fi Spectacle 2015

It is time for our second annual Sci-Fi Spectacle mini-festival, celebrating science fiction and the movies that make our jaws drop in wonder. This year we have three classics of the genre…well, two classics of the genre and a third that isn’t strictly speaking science fiction but has enough elements of it that we’re willing to fudge a little bit.

Science Fiction is all about the question “What if…” and that’s a question that has always fascinated me. Gleaming starships, futuristic cities, alien worlds…all of them have whetted my appetite for more ever since I was a boy. With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, so close we can nearly touch it, and with the advanced computer effects now available to movie makers, there are more sci-fi films than ever and even the independents are getting in on the action with some pretty impressive effects on their limited budget efforts.

Television has also benefitted, and while SyFy has chosen to go the low-budget high-camp route for many of their films, they have two eagerly awaited series’ opening this fall, including a sci-fi set mystery The Expanse and a mini-series adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel Childhood’s End. All in all, it’s a good time to be a sci-fi fan.

So whether your tastes run from space operas to thought-provoking to pure camp, there is something for everyone in the sci-fi genre. Hope the three movies we have chosen this year will fire up your sense of amazement and if you haven’t watched them yet, give you the opportunity to experience the wonder that many of us experienced back when these films were first released. Enjoy!


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