Documented 2015

documentedThe year is drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something new going on here at Cinema365. We have a new mini-review festival starting today.

It’s called Documented and as you can gather from the title, is all about the documentary. For a long time, documentaries were considered dry and boring and were either about topical subjects, making them instantly dated, or about nature and/or man’s role in it. Mostly it was footage with a narrator talking over it although sometimes there were interviews interspersed in.

How the documentary is presented has changed over the years, with graphics and computer re-creations, as well as animated sequences. Documentaries cover all sorts of subjects these days, from the important to the trivial to the bizarre. As a reviewer, I’ve come to enjoy documentaries far more in recent times than I did as a young person. That’s both a tribute to my own maturity but more so to the skill of modern documentary filmmakers.

With such a bounty of films to choose from, I’ve selected three that I think will be of interest to Cinema365 readers. I’m trying to avoid anything with a specific political agenda – after all Thanksgiving is right around the corner and who wants to get their blood boiling so close to the holiday – but hopefully you’ll find the subjects and the presentation as fascinating as I did.

I hope you’ll enjoy our new series as much as I did viewing the films in it. Looking ahead, we have our annual holiday movie series The Holly and the Quill coming up next month as well as our 2016 preview, which is being assembled even as we speak. The new year will bring our annual top 10 films (this time of 2015) and a return of Oscar Gold, our tribute to Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films. February will return Cinema of the Heart, our tribute to romance films and finally March brings Our Film Library, all about movies based on books.

It’s going to be a busy new year here at Cinema365 and we look forward to bringing you reviews of the best – and some not quite the best – movies available for you to peruse. Enjoy!

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