Oscar Gold 2016

Oscar Gold 2016With the nominations announced and the countdown clock on, all movie buff eyes are on Oscar. This year has been another controversial year but more so than ever; after two straight years in which no actors of African, Asian or Latin background have been nominated, a number of prominent black filmmakers and actors have announced their intentions to boycott this year’s ceremony. While the Academy has promised to make changes that will promote diversity, there is a long road ahead to bring the Academy into the 21st century.

In the meantime, we can enjoy our picks and pools and speculate as to who will win and of course endlessly argue over who should have been nominated – and who shouldn’t have been. It’s all in great fun and we at Cinema365 will be doing as much speculating and ruminating as you. In the meantime, we will present reviews of three films that have received nominations or wins from the Academy in past years for you to enjoy.


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