Gone Fishin’

Gone FishinCinema365 is going to go on a little hiatus. It’s not you, it’s me – Da Queen and I are embarking on a much-needed vacation, headed to Europe on a Transatlantic cruise and then hanging around Spain, Tuscany and Versailles. All told, we’ll be gone for a full month starting tomorrow, so this will likely be the last post for awhile. The site will be back in full operation beginning Friday, May 27th. However, from time to time, I may publish some reviews from the road that I have written and are ready to go. I can’t predict when and how often, but I’ll do my best to put something in from time to time. Keep an eye out for it.

Let me take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads this whether every day or occasionally – or even just once. I’m going to miss you, even if we don’t interact as such. However, expect me to return relaxed and rejuvenated. There will be some further reviews from the Florida Film Festival that I haven’t gotten to publish yet, as well as a backlog of theatrical releases that I haven’t gotten to yet. There will not be a Pick of the Litter for June, as I simply won’t have the time to get one done adequately; I’ll have a lot of site updating to do, particularly the Coming Soon section, when I get back.

Until then, arrivederci and adios – you’ll see us again soon.

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