Miami International Film Festival

miami-film-festival-2017The Spring film festival season is well underway and that means busy (but happy) film critics. For the first time, Cinema365 is pleased to present coverage of the Miami International Film Festival in 2017. It has come at a time when the independent publicists that work with us have been upping their output which has made it a doubly hectic time for us but it certainly is preparing us for our own hometown Florida Film Festival next month. The MIFF is the only film festival in the country that centers around a college campus which gives it a bit of a different and younger vibe than other film festivals. It also concentrates heavily on films from Latin America and the Caribbean, reflecting the diverse cultures that make Miami such a vibrant and exciting city. Starting today Cinema365 will be publishing a film review  every day of one of the movies playing the Festival in addition to the other movies both independent and major studio that are backlogged. It’s going to keep us busy around here but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Cinema365 was also honored that one of our own will be sitting on the panel of critics that will be awarding the first ever Rene Rodriguez Critics Award, named for the longtime Miami Herald film critic (and who also sits on the panel). That award will be announced on March 10 at the industry happy hour party and the results will also be posted here. So Viva Miami and enjoy some great films that will hopefully be making their way to a theater, film festival or streaming service near you in the not-too-distant future.

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