November 2020

NOVEMBER 1, 2020

Christmas in Carolina – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 2, 2020

Charlie’s Christmas Wish – VOD (trailer)
Confession – Amazon Prime (trailer)
The El Duce Tapes – Arrow (trailer)

NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Alpine Lake – VOD (trailer)
Christmas Dance – VOD (trailer)
Collectiv – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Escape: Puzzle of Fear – VOD
Love in Dangerous Times – VOD (trailer)
The Thanksgiving Movie – VOD (trailer)
Turkey Day – VOD (trailer)
Two of Us (Deux) – VOD (trailer)
Worst. Christmas. Ever. – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

Operation Christmas Drop – Netflix (trailer)

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

Let Him Go (trailer)
18 to Party – Limited
Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man – VOD/Limited (trailer)
The Dark and the Wicked – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Kindred – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Major Arcana – VOD
Mortal – VOD (trailer)
Triggered – Limited/VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 9, 2020

Meeting Michael – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 10, 2020

A Bennett Song Holiday – VOD (trailer)
A Dragon Christmas – VOD
A Rainy Day in New York – VOD
Bahum Bug 2 – VOD
Dream Round – VOD (trailer)
The Key to Christmas – VOD (trailer)
Little Alice’s Storytime: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – VOD
Mark and Clark World Adventures – VOD (trailer)
Recon – VOD
The Retreat – VOD (trailer)
Sasquatch Among Wildmen – VOD (trailer)
The Shock of the Future – VOD (trailer)
Sleepless Beauty – VOD (trailer)
Transference: A Love Story (trailer)
Where She Lies – VOD
Witchmas – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 11, 2020

Avenger Dogs Christmas – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 13, 2020

Freaky (trailer)
Ammonite – Limited (trailer)
Blindfire – VOD
Chick Fight – VOD
Dating Amber – Limited
Dead Reckoning – VOD/Limited
Dreamland – Limited
The Giant – VOD (trailer)
I Am Greta – Hulu
It Cuts Deep – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey – Netflix
Last Three Days – Limited/VOD
Mank – Netflix (trailer)
Monsoon – VOD (trailer)
Survival Skills – VOD/Limited (trailer)
Wolfwalkers – Limited (trailer)

NOVEMBER 15, 2020

A Wrestling Christmas Miracle – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Dreamland – Expands to VOD
1 Night in San Diego
Ainu Mosir – VOD
The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland – VOD (trailer)
Fatman – VOD
Ghosts of the Republique – VOD
Goddess of Fortune – VOD trailer)
The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story – VOD (trailer)
Pets: Christmas Furballs – VOD
The Power of Movement – VOD (trailer)
Truth is the Only Client – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Born To Be – Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Crazy, Not Insane – HBO (trailer)
Smoke: Marijuana and Black America – BET (trailer)
Tinsel: The Lost Movie About Hollywood – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 19, 2020

Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on the Exorcist – Shudder (trailer)
The Princess Switch: Switched Again – Netflix trailer)

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

The Last Vermeer (trailer)
The 20th Century – Limited (trailer)
The Black Book of Father Dinis – Limited/VOD
Embattled – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Forgotten Carols – Limited
Girl – Limited
Hearts and Bones – VOD (trailer)
Iron Mask – VOD
Jiu Jitsu – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Koshien: Japan’s Field of Dreams – VOD (trailer)
Lie Exposed – VOD (trailer)
The Real Right Stuff – Disney Plus (trailer)
Run – Hulu (trailer)
Soros – VOD (trailer)
Team Marco – VOD (trailer)
The Test and the Art of Thinking – VOD/Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Vanguard – Limited/VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square – Netflix (trailer)
Mags and Julie Go on a Road Trip – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 24, 2020

Girl – Expands to VOD
Buddy Games – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Hillbilly Elegy – Netflix
Pup School: Arctic Adventure – VOD
The Walrus and the Whistleblower – VOD (trailer)

NOVEMBER 25, 2020

The Croods: A New Age (trailer)
The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two – Netflix
Happiest Season – Hulu (trailer)
Stardust – Limited/VOD

NOVEMBER 26, 2020

Superintelligence – HBO Max (trailer)

NOVEMBER 27, 2020

Black Beauty – Disney Plus (trailer)
Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker – Netflix (trailer)
Dutch – VOD/Limited (trailer)
Life in a Year – Amazon Prime (trailer)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – Netflix
Princess of the Row – Limited/VOD
Zappa – Limited (trailer)

NOVEMBER 30, 2020

The Christmas Listing – Limited/VOD (trailer)


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