September 2021


Afterlife of the Party – Netflix (trailer)
Dinosaur Hotel – VOD (trailer)
It Came From Below – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Superhost – Shudder (trailer)
Toothfairy 3 – VOD/Limited (trailer)


Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (trailer)
Isabella – Expands to Los Angeles
Moments Like This Never Last – Expands to VOD
Anne at 13,000 Feet – Limited/VOD
Attention Attention – Limited (trailer)
The Big Scary “S” Word – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Burial Ground Massacre – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Cinderella – Amazon (trailer)
The Gateway – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Good – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Hands Up – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The J Team – Paramount Plus (trailer)
Karen – Limited (trailer)
Madness Inside Me – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Memory House – New York City/Los Angeles (trailer)
Mogul Mowgli – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Powder Keg – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Rhino – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Saving Paradise – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Son of Warrior – Limited (trailer)
Tango Shalom – Limited (trailer)
We Need to Do Something – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Who You Think I Am – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Wild Indian – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Worth – Netflix (trailer)
Yakuza Princess – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Zone 414 – Limited/VOD (trailer)


Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace – Lifetime (trailer)


Alien: Battlefield Earth – VOD (trailer)
Cheo – VOD (trailer)
Dorothy & Toto’s Story Time: The Marvelous Land of Oz Pt. 1 – VOD (trailer)
Haunted Transylvania: Party Like Frankenstein – VOD (trailer)
I Love Us – VOD (trailer)
Language Arts – VOD (trailer)
Samantha Rose – VOD (trailer)
Untold: Breaking Point – Netflix (trailer)


Blood Brothers: Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X – Netflix (trailer)
Malibu Road – Limited/VOD (trailer)
No Responders Left Behind – Discovery Plus (trailer)
Time is Up – Limited/VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

The Card Counter (trailer)
Malignant (also on HBO Max) (trailer)
Show Me the Father (trailer)
The Alpinist – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Azor – Limited (trailer)
The Capote Tapes – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Catch the Bullet – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Dating & New York – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Death Drop Gorgeous – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Detainee 001 – Showtime (trailer)
Dogs – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Fauci – Limited/NatGeo (trailer)
Fire Music – New York City (trailer)
Forever First Love – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Gunfight at Dry River – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Hood River – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Kate – Netflix (trailer)
Language Lessons – Limited/VOD
The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Queenpins – Limited (trailer)
Small Engine Repair – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Thalaivi – Limited (trailer)
The Voyeurs – Amazon Prime (trailer)
The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station (trailer)
Yaar Anmulle Returns – Limited (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Lost Outlaw – VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station – Expands to VOD
Aalto – VOD
Bad Candy – VOD (trailer)
Bird Scouts: Butterflies – VOD (trailer)
Companion – VOD (trailer)
The Influencer – VOD (trailer)
Royal Jelly – VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Nightbooks – Netflix (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Amazon Queen – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Eating Our Way to Extinction – Fathom Events (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Blue Bayou (trailer)
Copshop (trailer)
Cry Macho (also on HBO Max) (trailer)
Fire Music – Expands to Los Angeles
Best Sellers – Limited/VOD
Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Christmas Freak – Limited (trailer)
Collection – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Duke – Limited (trailer)
Ever Since We Loved – Limited (trailer)
The Eyes of Tammy Faye – Limited (trailer)
I’m Your Man – Limited (trailer)
In Balanchine’s Classroom – Limited/Virtual Cinema (trailer)
The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Lady of the Manor – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Last Night in Rozzie – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Little Girl – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Live at Mister Kelly’s – Limited (trailer)
The Mad Women’s Ball – Amazon Prime (trailer)
My Name is Pauli Murray – Limited (trailer)
Nowhere Inn – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Prisoners of the Ghostland – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Saint-Narcisse – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Thana Sadar – Limited (trailer)
Wife of a Spy – New York City (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman – Fathom Events (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Blame – VOD (trailer)
The Coronavirus Conspiracy – VOD (trailer)
Dave of the Dead: Deadly Delivery – VOD (trailer)
God of War II – VOD (trailer)
Godspeed, Los Polacos – VOD (trailer)
Lil’ Monsters 3 – VOD (trailer)
Night of the Animated Dead – VOD (trailer)
Puppy Playground: Halloween Party – VOD (trailer)
Tethered – VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Intrusion – Netflix (trailer)
My Little Pony: The Next Generation – Netflix (trailer)
The Village Detective: A Song Cycle – Limited (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Heval – Curiosity Stream (trailer)
Oasis Knebworth 1996 – Limited (trailer)
The Toolbox Killer – Peacock (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

Dear Evan Hanson (trailer)
Time is Up – Expands to VOD
Wife of a Spy – Expands to Los Angeles
Apache Junction – Limited/VOD
Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Birds of Paradise – Amazon Prime (trailer)
Chernobyl 1986 – Limited (trailer)
East of the Mountains – Limited/VOD (trailer)
El Planeta – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Amazon Prime (trailer)
I’m Your Man – Limited
Lone Wolf – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Man in the Field: The Life and Art of Jim Denevan – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Most Beautiful Boy in the World – Limited/VOD (trailer)
On These Grounds – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Qismat 2 – Limited (trailer)
Rumba Love – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Solitary – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Starling – Netflix (trailer)
Surge – Limited/VOD (trailer)
This is the Year – Limited (trailer)
Through a Glass Darkly – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Zero Contact – Limited/VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Britney vs. Spears – Netflix (trailer)
C.I. Ape – VOD (trailer)
Destination Porto: The Unimaginable Journey – Paramount Plus (trailer)
Diego of the Dead – VOD (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

No One Gets Out Alive – Netflix (trailer)

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

After We Fell – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Joy Womack: The White Swan – Limited/VOD (trailer)


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