We live, as the Chinese curse goes, in interesting times. The world is caught in a pandemic of the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, which is not just your ordinary flu. Whether you believe that the crisis has been blown out of all proportion by the media, or has been used as a tool in the re-election campaign in the President, or has been mishandled by governments around the world, there is no doubt no matter what side of the political fence you sit on that it has begun to affect our daily lives and that effect will only intensify in the coming days.

While film festivals and sporting events have been canceled – including the Miami Film Festival, which I have been covering (reviews to come shortly), as yet mainstream movie theaters remain open – at least for the time being. However, there won’t be a lot of content for them in coming weeks – there are no more wide releases left in the month of March as both A Quiet Place – Part II and Mulan  have been put on indefinite hold, while other films have been re-scheduled for later in the year or even next year. Even if the disease runs its course and theaters remain open for the duration, there won’t be a lot of major studio content in them for the month of April. While there are as of yet no plans to delay or cancel the Florida Film Festival, the plans for that celebration will depend greatly on how able Orange County is able to deflect the pandemic from overwhelming emergency services. Walt Disney World, for example, will be closed for the next two weeks. That doesn’t happen often.

Here at Cinema365 World Headquarters, we’ll continue to review movies as often as possible. I work from home so the need to go out into the world is not great, which is a blessing. However, I urge my readers to take precautions – wash your hands regularly, try to avoid large gatherings of people in close proximity as much as possible, and see a doctor immediately if you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19. Keep informed by checking regularly with the Center for Disease Control website ( periodically. I hope to see all of my readers make it out to the other side of this crisis as intact as possible. Cinema365 sincerely wishes that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe as much as possible.

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