New Releases for the Week of March 20, 2020

Normally on Thursdays Cinema365 runs a preview of movies opening in the Orlando area specifically, the state of Florida generally and in wide release nationwide. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic closing theaters nationwide and nearly every major studio release (and several independent releases as well) pulled for either a postponed release or eventually moving directly to a streaming platform, we’ll be foregoing this column for the foreseeable future. We’ll continue to update our Coming Soon column as best we can while social distancing is in effect, but don’t expect a resumption of the New Releases column for at least six weeks and possibly longer.

Also, for those who weren’t aware, the annual Florida Film Festival that normally runs in April (and was set to run the third week of April this year) has also been postponed until further notice (possibly August). You can keep up to date on their webpage here as to when the long-running festival will resume and of course we will be set to cover it once it does.

Again, in case you missed it, we are in a serious situation. I know it’s not easy being cooped up at home, but we still have the Internet, we can still stream movies, we have all sorts of technology to keep us occupied. The best thing we can possibly do right now is not panic, stay home for all but urgent needs,  wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and ignore any news other than from trusted sources like the CDC. It’s not just our own lives at risk remember – it’s the lives of friends and loved ones who may not be able to fight off this virus as easily as you or I might. Be considerate of others during this time; when out shopping, just buy what you need. We’re all in this together. Those of you hoarding sanitizer, toilet paper and other supplies – go eff yourselves.


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