Programming Note

With theaters reopening to a large extent and Hollywood gearing up with major releases finally making their way into theaters, our weekly preview “New Releases” will be returning in the month of June. We will be starting off with just Orlando-area theaters including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Volusia counties. In time we may return to adding coverage of the Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville metropolitan areas but we will for the time being continue with baby steps.

Pick of the Litter, our monthly preview, will continue to stay retired, in all likelihood permanently. We will continue to keep our Coming Soon pages as updated as possible, although that fell by the wayside during the pandemic as changes in release schedules made it basically untenable to keep it up too far in advance. Right now we’re trying to get back into the swing of things and have been keeping it up roughly three months in advance, although that will slowly increase as time goes by.

But this is good news, and another step in the general direction of normalcy, although there is no doubt that with the increase in streaming services and people still prefering to stay home rather than see movies in theaters for the most part, the theatrical release model will certainly be affected permanently by the pandemic as studios have negotiated shorter theatrical windows while at the same time creating a need for content with their own streaming services. Will this be good for the consumer? Time will tell, but it will be difficult for theaters at least in the short term, so for those who have been vaccinated and feel comfortable going out, Cinema365 urges you to support your local movie theaters, both your independent art house as well as the big national chains. They both need your support right now.

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