Pick of the Litter – February 2016




(20th Century Fox) Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, Ed Skrein. So there’s this guy, see? He’s got a mouth on him. Got these here superpowers from one of them mysterious gov’mint agencies injected him with this serum stuff. Now he just about can’t be killed. It drives him kinda nuts. He also has a face that looks like a melted pizza. For real. Anyway, some clowns are after his girl so he goes after them. Did I mention he’s a world class assassin? He’s the Merc with a Mouth. He’s Deadpool and fans have been anticipating this with barely contained glee ever since the project was announced. February 12


The Club

The Club

(Music Box) Marcelo Alonso, Antonia Zegers, Alfredo Castro, Alejandro Sieveking. An incident at a seaside house which houses Catholic clergy accused of terrible crimes leads an investigator from the Church to discover whether or not those living there understand why they have been sent to the house. The more he discovers, the more he begins to comprehend that the evil he thinks resides in these people may not at all be what he thought it was. From the director of the acclaimed Chilean film No comes his latest examination of life in that South American country. February 5

A War

A War

(Magnolia) Pilou Asbæk, Tuva Novotny, Dar Salim, Søren Malling. While stationed in Afghanistan as part of the coalition forces, a Danish company commander and his troops come under heavy fire. He is forced to make a decision in order to save his men that will have severe consequences not just for him and his career but also for his wife and children back home. From the acclaimed director of A Hijacking, this is Denmark’s official submission for this year’s Foreign Language Oscar and one of the five nominees for the award. February 12



(A24) Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, Dean Norris, Henry Czerny. Two survivors of a notorious concentration camp made a pact; that if one of them finds the one who killed their families, he would exact revenge of an eye-for-an-eye fashion. Now elderly, one is confined to a wheelchair and on oxygen, the other in the throes of increasingly difficult dementia, but now a lead has been found and with little time left, the two resolve to fulfill their promise made so long ago. This is the latest from acclaimed and Oscar-nominated Canadian director Atom Egoyan. February 12

Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent

(Oscilloscope Laboratories) Nilbio Torres, Jan Bijvoet, Antonio Bolivar, Brionne Davis. A shaman for an Amazonian tribe in the rain forests of Brazil could be the key to finding a plant that could heal millions. Two scientists undergo a 40-year relationship with him, the last of his people as the encroachments of modern society on the rain forest threaten their research – and the lives of the indigenous people. Filmed in black and white, this is a nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Oscars and judging from the trailer, looks absolutely transcendent. . February 17

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

(GKIDS) Starring the voices of Dev Patel, Daisy Ridley, Tara Sands, Tara Strong. A young woman remembers back to 1966 when she was in the fifth grade, and hopes the girl she was then can save the woman she is now. This 1991 anime masterpiece, one of the earliest films from Studio Ghibli, was never released in the United States; it is now, with a brand new voice track and a dazzling digital upgrade. February 26


February 2016

DeadpoolFEBRUARY 3, 2016

Rams – New York City

FEBRUARY 5, 2016

The Choice
Hail Caesar
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Rams – Expands to Los Angeles
4th Man Out – Limited
All Roads Lead to Rome – Limited
The Club – Limited
Dad’s Army – Limited
Eisenstein in Guanajuanto – Limited
Misconduct – Limited
Regression – Limited
Southbound – Limited
Tumbledown – Limited
Underdogs – Limited

FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Aurora – Limited
Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 – Limited/VOD

FEBRUARY 12, 2016

How to Be Single
Zoolander 2

Rams – Expands to Limited Release
A War – Limited
Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong – Limited
Bad Hurt – Limited
Cabin Fever – Limited/VOD
Fitoor – Limited
Nina Forever – Limited
Remember – Limited/VOD
Shinjuku Midnight Baby – Limited
They Are We – Limited
Where to Invade Next – Limited

FEBRUARY 17, 2016

Embrace of the Serpent – Limited

FEBRUARY 19, 2016

The Witch

Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer – Limited
Crazy About Tiffany’s – Limited
Forsaken – Limited
Mavis! – Limited
The Mermaid – Limited
Neerja – Limited
Rolling Papers – Limited/VOD

FEBRUARY 26, 2016

Eddie the Eagle
Gods of Egypt
Triple Nine

Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti – Limited
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny – IMAX Limited/Netflix
El virus de la por – Limited
King Georges – Limited/VOD
Marguerite and Julien – Limited
Men Go to Battle – Limited
Only Yesterday – Limited
Snowtime! – Limited
Standoff – Limited
Tricked – Limited