Films for Foodies 2014

Films For FoodiesFood, glorious food! While Americans struggle with balancing fitness with the epicurean delights of a well-prepared meal, there is no doubt that we have become much more focused on film and it’s preparation; certainly Jon Favreau’s surprise hit Chef brought that to the forefront earlier this summer.

But Hollywood’s love affair with food has gone on for much longer, going back to the silent error. Some of the great films of all time have involved food, whether the preparation of a single memorable meal or the ongoing life of those who prepare our food for us, to documentaries about restaurants, food preparation and nutrition. In a sense, we are obsessed with food and there’s no doubt that when it comes to cinematic food, we can’t get enough.

That’s why we decided to add this mini-festival about films that have something to do with food. Three great movies will be presented here and if you aren’t hungry when you finish viewing them, you must have eaten a big meal just prior to watching them.

So sit back and enjoy a heaping helping of cinematic foodie bliss. You might want to make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand when viewing these delectable morsels of film goodness. Our mouth is watering just thinking about it.