Pick of the Litter – October 2015


Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

(Universal) Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam. Among genre fans, Guillermo del Toro is a fan favorite and one of his most anticipated projects in years is this gothic haunted house tale. In it, an aspiring author, recovering from a family tragedy, is torn between the affections of a childhood friend and the attentions of a mysterious man who sweeps her into his mansion, a home that hides secret terrors and ancient evil. Even Da Queen, who hates horror films, is eager to see this one. October 16


Garm Wars The Last Druid

Garm Wars: The Last Druid

(ARC Entertainment) Melanie St.-Pierre, Kevin Durand, Lance Henriksen, Jordan Van Dyck. Cloned soldiers from three different military clans do battle in a never-ending battle of technology, magic, land and sky. When one clone is separated from the battle, she finds herself on the run with a group of unlikely companions. Her journey will take her to places she never could have imagined, and might just lead to the end of war – or destroy her world forever. Japanese director Mamoru Oshii helmed this visually spectacular Canadian sci-fi fantasy. October 2

Hell and Back

Hell and Back

(Freestyle Releasing) Starring the voices of Nick Swardson, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, Susan Sarandon. A pair of meatheads, fooling around with a book they shouldn’t be fooling around with, are forced to travel all the way to Hell to retrieve their friend whom they accidentally sent there. They’ll have to traverse their way to the deepest regions of the pit and fend off demons, monsters, angels, Greek legends and oh yeah, Satan himself. From the animation studio that brought us Robot Chicken and Bo-Jack Horseman comes this delightful feature that ought to make Dante roll in his grave. Assuming he isn’t already. October 2

The Final Girls

The Final Girls

(Vertical) Taissa Farmiga, Nina Dobrev, Malin Akerman, Alexander Ludwig. Max Cartwright misses her mom, an actress who passed away far too young. Of course, Max’s mom was best known for playing the “good girl” in the classic slasher flick, Camp Bloodbath. When Max and a bunch of her friends are caught in a theater fire they find themselves somehow transported inside the movie. Now, knowing that there is a crazed killer stalking the counselors, they can save them and themselves right? It’s a lot harder than they thought though. This has been getting rave reviews from the festival circuit and could well be Scream for the next generation. October 9

Beasts of No Nation

Beasts of No Nation

(Netflix) Idris Elba, Abraham Atta, Ama Abebrese, Richard Pepple. A young boy, living a peaceful life in an unnamed African country, gets caught up in the civil war tearing that country apart and falls under the sway of a charismatic warlord. Netflix, having made extensive inroads in television programming, now turns its attention to feature films, of which this is the first and in addition to playing on Netflix, it will get a limited theatrical release in select cities. It is already garnering Oscar buzz for Elba as well as some for its juvenile star, Atta. October 16

Watchers of the Sky

Watchers of the Sky

(Music Box) Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Benjamin Ferencz, Emmanuel Uwurukundo, Samantha Power. Genocide is a term we use for tragically too many occurrences. The man who coined the term was Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust and determined that the penalties for mass murders on an epic scale were less than killing a single person. In order to facilitate prosecution of those who attempt to wipe out an entire human community, he came up with a word which led to international laws. In researching his life which is mostly forgotten in the 21st century, author Samantha Power discovered four compelling cases of people working to prevent genocide or prosecuting those guilty of it. October 16



(Amplify!/Truth Aid) Meron Getnet, Tizita Hagere, Haregewine Assefa, Abel Abebe. A two hour drive outside of Addis Ababa, a 14-year-old girl is walking home from school when men on horseback attempt to abduct her. She attempts to escape, grabbing a rifle but ends up killing her would-be abductor. The trouble is that in rural Ethiopia, abduction into marriage is a common practice. Accused of murder, the girl is given a big city lawyer whose women’s issues practice will be put to the test and on the line as she walks the line between defending the human rights of an individual against the collective cultural practices of a people. October 23

Extraordinary Tales

Extraordinary Tales

(GKIDS) Starring the voices of Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Guillermo del Toro, Julian Sands. One author – the great Edgar Allen Poe. Five of his most chilling tales. Five different animated styles. GKIDS, one of the leading purveyors of quality entertainment for children and families, brings us these masterworks just in time for Halloween. Two of the narrators, who read the stories that we watch enacted on the screen, are no longer with us – both legends of horror cinema. Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee may be gone but their voices live on…here. October 30


October 2015

Crimson PeakOCTOBER 2, 2015

The Martian
99 Homes – Expanding
A Christmas Horror Story – Limited
Addicted to Fresno – Limited
Brand: A Second Coming – Limited
Deathgasm – Limited
Freeheld – Limited
Garm Wars: The Last Druid – Limited
He Named Me Malala – Limited
Hell and Back – Limited
Manhattan Romance – Limited
Masterless – Limited
Necropolis – Limited
Northern Soul – Limited
Partisan – Limited
Shanghai – Limited
Shout Gladi Gladi – Limited
Taxi – New York City
This Changes Everything – Limited
This is Happening – Limited

OCTOBER 6, 2015

The Wind of Summer – Limited

OCTOBER 7, 2015

The Forbidden Room – Limited

OCTOBER 8, 2015

A Faster Horse – Limited
Navy SEALs vs. Zombies – Limited

OCTOBER 9, 2015

99 Homes – Expanding Wide
Big Stone Gap – Limited
Breaking Through – Limited
The Final Girls – Limited
I Spit On Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine – Limited
Knock Knock – Limited
Ladrones – Limited
Reversion – Limited
Steve Jobs – Limited
Trash – Limited
Victoria – Limited
Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom – Limited
Yakuza Apocalypse – Limited

OCTOBER 14, 2015

A Ballerina’s Tale – Limited

OCTOBER 15, 2015

Heart Like a Hand Grenade – Limited

OCTOBER 16, 2015

Bridge of Spies
Crimson Peak

Freeheld – Expands Wide
A Wicked Within – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records – Limited
The Assassin – Limited
Bastard – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Beasts of No Nation – Limited
The Diabolical – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Experimenter – Limited
Homemakers – Limited
Meadowland – Limited
Momentum – Limited
Re-Kill – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Room – Los Angeles/New York City
The Russian Woodpecker – Limited
Suspension – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Tales of Halloween – Limited
Thao’s Library – Limited
Truth – Limited
Unnatural – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Wind Walkers – Limited (Part of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” Festival)
Woodlawn – Limited

OCTOBER 17, 2015

Watcher of the Sky – New York City/Los Angeles

OCTOBER 20, 2015

Attack on Titan Part 2 – Limited
Bloody Knuckles – Home Video
Death Valley – Limited

OCTOBER 21, 2015

Back in Time – Limited
Heart of a Dog – New York City

OCTOBER 23, 2015

Jem and the Holograms
The Last Witch Hunter
Rock the Kasbah

Steve Jobs – Expanding Wide
A Wonderful Cloud – Limited
Asthma – Limited
Bone Tomahawk – Limited
Burnt – Limited
Crumbs – Limited
Difret – Limited
The Diplomat – Limited
The Enemy – Limited
I Smile Back – Limited
India’s Daughter – New York City
Julia – Limited
Nasty Baby – Limited
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – Limited
The Pearl Button – New York City
Secret in Their Eyes – Limited
Suffragette – Limited

OCTOBER 28, 2015

Venatus – Limited

OCTOBER 30, 2015

Our Brand is Crisis
Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Burnt – Expanding Wide
India’s Daughter – Expands to Los Angeles
Armor of Light – Limited
Bare – Limited
Extraordinary Tales – Limited
Flowers – New York City
Freaks of Nature – Limited
Hard Labor – Limited
Making Rounds – Limited
The Price We Pay – Limited
Red Herring – Limited
Sex, Death and Bowling – Limited
When the World Came to San Francisco – Limited
The Witness – Limited
The Wonders – Limited