New Look

Some of you may have noticed that the site has changed from this morning to this afternoon. That’s because we’ve updated the look so that the logo could once again be included in the banner. I also like the cleaner look to the blog.

There are also a nod to the old Friday Night Movie Bunch days – the newsletter’s background images can be seen on the sides of the blog if you look carefully. I’ve reprinted most of the reviews from the FNMB days, and should have the rest of them uploaded relatively soon.

As you saw from the article below, we’ll be covering the Florida Film Festival in some detail, including interviews with filmmakers, something new for the site. We’ll also be resuming the semi-irregular Top 5 feature in the near future, something that has been a victim of TLTTMTD syndrome (that’s Too Little Time, Too Much to Do) that has plagued our household lately.

Another item  of interest to regular blog readers; a new Summer Preview article is currently in the process of being assembled; we’ll be posting that Thursday, April 28th.

If you are a filmmaker who’d like to see your movie reviewed or if you’d like to contact me directly without leaving a comment on the site, I can be reached at Feel free to drop me a line with any contact info and I’m usually really good about responding quickly.

Finally for those who also read my other blog, Thank Blog It’s Friday, we’ll be continuing to do occasional pieces on the many pavilions of Expo 2010 until I’ve got ’em all up which should take us through the summer. I’ll also be adding, at the request of some folks who have been appreciative of my efforts at writing fiction, further short stories and such, plus regular chapters of what will eventually become a full-fledged novel that will act as a sequel to the short story Inner Demons, which has become the single most visited page on the site after the home page. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their love for the world of the Badlands – we will be returning to it very soon and it will be a much different place – and a far more dangerous place – than it was in the story.

Thanks to all of you for your support; we are regularly topping 400 hits per day and have cracked the 500 hit mark several times. I’m hoping by the end of the year we’ll be doubling that. If you have any suggestions for improving our blog, or for something you’d like to see written up, don’t hesitate to contact me at the e-mail address above or by leaving a comment here.

Program Notes

Just a few things to cover this time. Our readership is continuing to grow, and the site is averaging right around 200 hits a week, for which I’m profoundly grateful. Thanks to everyone who stops by.

Tomorrow we’ll be posting our annual Summer Movie Preview for 2010. It will cover most of the major releases from May through August. I sincerely hope most of you find it useful; there are some pretty terrific movies coming out this summer and not all of them have been getting the coverage they deserve, but to be truthful all the big ones that have been are getting covered as well. Hey, it pays the bills…if I was getting paid anyway.

The next installment of Four-Warned for June will be posted on Thursday, May 13. I know that’s a little early but I’ll be leaving for a three week vacation so starting on Sunday, May 16 Cinema365 will be closed for a short time. However, we’ll be back starting Friday June 4 with all the reviews you’ve come to expect.

Still on the horizon are the Fall Movie Preview which will be coming out at the end of August this time. I’m also hoping to attend the Toronto Film Festival this September but for that trip I’ll be bringing my laptop with me so I’m not expecting any interruption in posting while we’re there.

Again, thanks to all my readers who stop to check out my rantings. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the site that isn’t already there – interviews, features, general opinion pieces, do let me know. I am thinking of writing a piece on the 3D craze that’s going on and whether I think it will last this time or not. Would anybody out there like to read something like that? Even if you wouldn’t and want me to write about something else, do let me know. I’m pretty flexible.