Florida Film Festival Day Four

A light day today with us getting in to see a couple of movies related to the War on Terror and 9-11; Holy Wars and This Narrow Place. I’m beginning to fall behind on getting my reviews done but rest assured all of my FFF reviews will be up shortly.

Tomorrow is another two movie day, with The Colors of the Mountain and Wuss on our radar. We may add another movie to the list but that will depend on how we’re both feeling. Wednesday things are going to start to pick up, but that’s for another update. So far the movies have been pretty amazing, as we have come to expect and some of the ones I’ve been looking forward to most are still on the horizon.

Attendance has been pretty light to my eyes; hopefully things will pick up by this weekend. If you haven’t ventured out yet, what are you waiting for? There are some great movies waiting for you to discover!