October 2020

OCTOBER 1, 2020

Legend of Deification (Jiang Ziya) – VOD (trailer)
Scare Me – VOD

OCTOBER 2, 2020

12 Hour Shift – Limited/VOD (trailer)
2067 – VOD/Limited
A Call to Spy – Limited
After We Collided – VOD/Limited
The Antenna – VOD
The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw – Limited
Death of Me – VOD
Eternal Beauty – Limited/VOD
The Great American Lie – Limited/VOD
Halloween Party – Limited
Herb Alpert Is… – VOD
The Keeper – Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Let’s Scare Julie – VOD
On the Rocks – Limited (trailer)
Once Upon a River- Virtual Cinematic Experience
Out of the Fight – VOD (trailer)
The Projectionist – Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Spontaneous – Limited (trailer)
Then Came You – VOD
Vampires vs. the Bronx – Netflix

OCTOBER 6, 2020

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw – Expands to VOD
Dead – Expands to VOD
Spontaneous – Expands to VOD
Black Box – Amazon
Dave of the Dead – VOD
The Halloween Dragon – VOD
Haunting at Death Valley Junction – VOD
Hunter’s Creed – VOD
The Lie – Amazon (trailer)
Lil’ Monsters 2 – VOD (trailer)
Monster Class: Halloween – VOD (trailer)
Ms. White Light – VOD
Naughty Books – VOD (trailer)
One More Orbit – VOD (trailer)
The Phenomenon – VOD
Tanner Hall Forever – VOD (trailer)
They Live Inside You – VOD (trailer)
To Your Last Death – VOD (trailer)
Treason – VOD
Welcome to the Day of the Dead – VOD

OCTOBER 7, 2020

Books of Blood – Hulu (trailer)
Hubie Halloween – Netflix (trailer)
Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth – HBO (trailer)

OCTOBER 8, 2020

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules – VOD (trailer)
Charm City Kings – HBO Max (trailer)

OCTOBER 9, 2020

Aggie – Expands to VOD
A Rainy Day in New York – Limited/VOD
Cagefighter – Limited/VOD
The Doorman – VOD
Fly Like a Girl – VOD
F11 and Be There – VOD
The Forty-Year-Old Version – Netflix (trailer)
From the Vine – Limited
Henchmen – VOD
I Am Lisa – VOD
My People, My Homeland – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Planters – Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Possessor – Limited
Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton – VOD
Time – Limited
The Walrus and the Whistleblower – VOD
Wine and War – VOD
The Wolf of Snow Hollow – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Yellow Rose – Limited

OCTOBER 13, 2020

The Disrupted – Expands to VOD
7 Minutes – VOD
Bane: Holding These Moments – VOD (trailer)
Batman: Death in the Family – VOD (trailer)
Bite School 2 – VOD (trailer)
The Complex: Lockdown – VOD (trailer)
The Dance – VOD (trailer)
The Evil Eye – Amazon
The Last Exorcist – VOD (trailer)
The More You Ignore Me – VOD (trailer)
Nocturne – Amazon
Seized – VOD
Totally Under Control – VOD (trailer)
The Wall of Mexico – VOD (trailer)
When the Storm Fades – VOD

OCTOBER 14, 2020

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting – Netflix (trailer)
Blackpink: Light Up the Sky – Netflix (trailer)
Bullets of Justice – VOD (trailer)
In Case of Emergency – Virtual Cinema (trailer)

OCTOBER 16, 2020

Alone – Limited/VOD (trailer)
America’s Forgotten – Limited
Bad Hombres – Showtime
Belly of the Beast – Limited
Bigorexia – Limited/VOD
Clouds – Disney Plus (trailer)
The Devil Has a Name – Limited (trailer)
Escape From Extinction – VOD
Good Samaritan – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something – Limited/Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Love and Monsters – Premium VOD
Martin Eden – Virtual Cinema (trailer)
The Opening Act – Limited/VOD
Over the Moon – Limited/VOD
She is the Ocean – Limited/Virtual Cinema (trailer)
Shithouse – Limited (trailer)
This is Not a Movie – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Trial of the Chicago 7 – Netflix
UFC 1: Origins – Limited/VOD
What the Constitution Means to Me – Amazon (trailer)

OCTOBER 17, 2020

American Utopia – HBO (trailer)

OCTOBER 20, 2020

The Antenna – Expands to VOD
Rialto – Expands to VOD
Totally Under Control – Expands to Hulu
After So Many Days – VOD (trailer)
Amigo Skate, Cuba – Limited
Chop Chop – VOD (trailer)
Dedalus – VOD
Ghabe – VOD
How to Fix a Primary – VOD (trailer)
J.R. ‘Bob’ Dobbs and the Church of the Sub-Genius – VOD (trailer)
Linda and the Mockingbirds – VOD (trailer)
Me, My Dog & I – VOD (trailer)
Redwood Massacre: Annihilation – VOD
Rescue Me – VOD (trailer)
Sky Dog – VOD (trailer)
Tar – VOD

OCTOBER 21, 2020

Beasts Clawing at Straw – Limited (trailer)

OCTOBER 23, 2020

The Empty Man (trailer)
On the Rocks – Expands to Apple Plus
Time – Expands to Amazon
Bang! Bang! – VOD
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Amazon
Coming Home Again – Limited
Friendsgiving – VOD (trailer)
Ham on Rye – Limited (trailer)
Haunting of the Mary Celeste – VOD (trailer)
The Mothman Legacy – VOD (trailer)
Nationtime – Limited (trailer)
Synchronic – VOD/Limited (trailer)
The Witches – HBO Max

OCTOBER 27, 2020

Paranormal Attraction – VOD (trailer)
S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice – VOD
The True Adventures of Wolfboy – VOD (trailer)
Welcome to the Circle – VOD (trailer)

OCTOBER 28, 2020

The Craft: Legacy – VOD (trailer)
Holidate – Netflix (trailer)
Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb – Netflix (trailer)

OCTOBER 30, 2020

Come Play (trailer)
Spell (trailer)
Alone With Her Dreams – VOD/Limited (trailer)
Assholes: A Theory (trailer)
Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story – VOD (trailer)
Blood From Stone – VOD/Limited (trailer)
Crafting Christmas – Lifetime (trailer)
The Devil’s Doorway – Limited/VOD (trailer)
The Donut King – Limited/VOD (trailer)
Fire Will Come – Limited/VOD (trailer)
His House – Netflix (trailer)
Kaali Khuhi – Netflix (trailer)
Madre – Limited (trailer)
Narco Soldiers – VOD/Limited (trailer)

OCTOBER 31, 2020

The Cursed Man – VOD (trailer)

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